MT-L002 Cube Timer

Automatic timing

Built-in gyro sensor core, bead collision trigger mechanism, time can be counted by flipping, simple and convenient operation, easy to use for the elderly and children.

Time immediately

Immediately start timing tasks as soon as they are overturned, and refuse cumbersome settings. Fast enough is convenient.

Reduce cell phone interference

Replace the mobile phone's timing function to avoid being distracted by mobile phone interference during study or work.

Scientific management time

Accurate timing and scientific time segmentation help to arrange time reasonably and effectively improve the concept of time.

LED display time

The LED screen displays the remaining time, always grasp the countdown time, and flexibly adjust the task progress.

Long battery life

3V low voltage, slow power consumption, normal use for about 6-8 months, reducing the trouble of frequent battery replacement.

Adjustable volume

The ringtones are crisp and sweet, and the volume can be adjusted according to the usage scenario to avoid disturbing others.

Small and exquisite

The body is small, simple and exquisite, convenient to carry around, breaking through the use of scene restrictions.