501A 505Wh Portable Power Station.

The Best Family Gift

What's given to you is the longest companionship. Simply enjoy

the company this holiday season and beyond.

505Wh Versatile Outdoor Power

DC/USB/AC-Three different types of output ports can charge most of your devices

LCD Screen Displays Key Info

All relevant information of the product is Visible on the LCD screen.


With a light weight and a compact size,MT-PS301 is customized for portable carry-on with a solid handle,making it easy and comfortable enough to be carried around for your outdoor camping,road trip,RV trip and indoor blackout.

Explore More

Enjoy a wonderful adventures time anywhere

Your Reliable Companion

Provide sufficient outdoor power supply as comfortable as home

Your Reliable Companion

Work anywhere,anytime,without restrictions

RV Companion

charge your road trip essentials

Backup Battery

no more worries,no more pain

Charging Methods

Diversified charging methods provide convenience in all aspects

Tips:This portable power station is not equipped with solar panel and USB-C PD 100w,it needs to be purchased separately.

Pure Sine Wave - Safely Protect

Protecting your devices against short-circuiting,over-current,over-charging,over-voltage,and over-heating.

Backup Time

Product Details

Silicone Dust Plug

Dust-Resistant & Waterproof

Silicone Base

stays firmly in place to help reduce
sliding around, tipping and falling.

Built-in LED Flashlights-light

Mode & SOS mode

A reliable light source to illuminate your way
through the darkness,even flashes
SOS in an emergency situation.