MT-E001 Height Adjustable Monitor Stand Risers

Height Adjustable Monitor Stand Risers

small adjustments make a big difference


Easy to install

The simple design divides the stand into five parts and can be easily installed without any tools within one minute. High-precision parts are used in the connection, which makes the stand more solid.

High-load Capacity

The use of high-precision iron materials makes the stand more resistant to oxidation and more durable. Although the stand is small, it can hold up to 44 lbs. The stand can easily fit any type of computer or other heavy objects.

Three levels of height More flexible and practical

You can adjust the height of the stand according to your needs, and achieve three-level height adjustment by pressing the button of the stacking leg. The height of this stand can be adjusted from 3.9 inches to 5.5 inches so that you can put the monitor at a proper height so as to relieve eye strain, neck and back pains.

Create a clean office desk

This stand is cleverly divided into upper and lower parts. You can place the monitor on the stand and adjust the height to get a comfortable office experience. At the same time, the stand provides extra space for your phone, notebook, and other tools. You deserve a cleaner and more organized office space.

More efficient heat dissipation

The top adopts the round hole design, which enlarge the air convection area for better heat dissipation. The cooling performance is stronger when using a laptop.

Ergonomic design, healthy office

The use of ergonomic design makes the stand more suitable for most people's office habits. The stand allows you to hold your head up and relax your spine,working long hours will not feel too tired.

Stand feet non-slip design

Four legs adopt a non-slip design and the stand can be firmly placed on a desktop of any material. You can also stack them to create larger storage space.

Black design never outdated

The classical black color fairly matches your computer, keyboard and other devices. It’s a pretty decent desk organizer and space creator for your workstation.